Fits anywhere

Videofy’s outstream unit is a special ad unit that appears and auto-plays in non-video environment. Its unique, cross-deviceand responsive design allows you to place it anywhere. Boost your income by displaying the safest, most premium video ads from the top DSPs in the market.

High viewability and RPMs

Skyrocket your RPMs with this advanced unit! One of the most important metrics that affect your RPM and overall income is viewability. The higher the viewability the more eyeballs will see it and the more attractive it will be to marketers. With Videofy Outstream there’s extremely high viewability as the ad call is placed only when the article or content is viewed. Fill rate is 100% as player is called upon demand.

A single tag implementation

With a small simple tag simply copy and paste, you’ll be able to boost your income and add a brand new revenue stream to your monthly report. Our account management team is always available for any request and is here to meet your every need.

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