All-in one-solution

Create a new and additional source of income and increase your revenues with Videofy Livrary’s comprehensive solution: Video Player + Video Content + Monetization. You will get direct access to the world’s top and high-spending advertisers.

Cutting Edge Technology

Videofy Library provides you with a simple one tag implementation for a cross-platform solution to monetize videos across any browser or device. Seamlessly integrate with premium content delivery networks and start a brand new revenue stream

Enriched User Experience

Upgrade your website, enhance user experience and Keep your audience engaged by adding high-end video-content. Select from a large portfolio Of videos from trusted media brands across multiple verticals: Entertainment, sports, news, lifestyle and more.

Video Ad units

The Videofy-Library unit fits natively in all websites and comes with a free & professional video player that Integrates seamlessly and perfectly displays on all devices. Choose any video content from a large-cross-vertical portfolio and create an additional revenue stream with its built-in-premium advertising feed.





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